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Power Management for Context Aware System

Energy efficiency is important issue in wireless sensor network application. Sensor nodes run on batteries which needs to replaced frequently. Thus, operational states of the sensor nodes should be adapted according to the surrounding to achieve best power consumption but without compromising accurate and good sensing service. Additionally, users could provide some inputs by setting […]

Context Modeling

One of the method of context modeling is by using ontologies. Ontologies facilitate structuring data and representing knowledge. It define a given domain in a graph structure which contains concepts present in the modelled domain, the relationship between concepts and potentially classification axioms which specify generic knowledge about the domain. The ontologies is exploited by […]

Input for Context Aware System

Not every input to context aware system is information. It could be raw data. For example, location and temperature. Temperature is a raw data from temperature sensor and location is an information which generated by processing raw data from accelerometer, gyrosensor? and magnetometer?. Both values could be inputs to context aware system. Therefore there is […]

Context Acquisition

Acquiring context is based on five factors which are responsibility, frequency, context source, sensor type and process of acquisition [1]. Based on responsibility Responsibility factor is about who is making the decision on sensing and communication, either the sensor hardware or user software. This method of context acquisition is called push and pull. It is […]

Context Aware Computing

A survey has been conducted by Perera et al. [1] on the functionalities of Middleware for IoT. Functionalities that have been considered are device management, interoperation, platform portability, context-awareness, and security and privacy. The survey shows majority of Middleware solution do not provide context-awareness functionality. According to Abowd and Dey [2], context is defined as […]

Sensors for Context Aware System

There are two categories of sensors for healthcare application. The first category is called ambient sensors. Ambient sensor is used to monitor the general activity patterns based on spatial and temporal information processing. Examples of ambient sensors are fall detectors, door monitors, bed alerts, pressure mats, smoke and heat alarms etc. More recent works on […]

Middleware for Networked Embedded Systems for IOT

Amount of different devices (sensor nodes) interacting in an IOT environment is big. These devices must be able to connect to each other despite their different network technologies. Furthermore, the devices also require service discovery procedures as well as means to enforce semantic compatibility between devices. These requirement create a demand for a software layer […]