Tag: activity recognition

KCAR: A knowledge-driven approach for concurrent activity recognition

Ye et al. proposed a concurrent activity recognition technique by analyzing real-time input sensor events to determine their semantic dissimilarity to segment a continuous sensor sequence into fragments, which a fragment corresponds to one ongoing activity [1]. Sensor events is defined as a function with three parameters, each of which refers to reported time of […]

Feature Selection and Activity Recognition System Using a Single Tri-Axial Accelerometer

Gupta and Dallas have proposed feature selection and activity recognition system using a single tri-axial accelerometer in 2014 [1]. The physical activities recognized in this study are walking, running, jumping, sit-to-stand/stand-to-sit, stand-to-kneel-tostand and being stationary (sitting and standing at one place). The data are sampled at 126Hz during the experiments. The acceleration data are segmented […]

Context-aware activity recognition through a combination of ontological and statistical reasoning

Riboni and Bettini have proposed a techinique for human activity recognition using ontologies and ontological reasoning combined with statistical inferencing [1]. The technique does not relies on large amount of training data which is difficult to obtain in applications such as rehabilitation systems, chronic disease management or monitoring of the elderly. [1] Riboni, Daniele, and […]